About Us

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Get to know about our company

Data N Stats is a leading information and insight company We provides data, tools, analytics and technology based solution to the major industries Our data and analytics solution strengthened our ability to provide intelligence that helps to drive the growth and serve thousands of industries worldwide.

Our data and insights empower our customer and help them to accelerate revenue, manage risk, lower cost and transform their business.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to be a data-centric company where we provide data and insight that is essential for organizations, government, and individuals to take the decision with conviction.

Our Vision is to provide the data and insights that accelerate the pace of innovation.

Our Core Values

  • In DnS, every employee is driven by the same core values:

  • ► Innovation
    ► Quality
    ► Respect
    ► Teamwork
    ► Sustainability

Our work culture

This is how we work at Data N Stata


We follow a hybrid AGILE approach which is the perfect blend between planning, effort estimation, constant customer communication and flexibility in project decision making.


We maintain a start-up culture where everyone's opinion is valued & appreciated. We like to challenge ourselves by analyzing any idea’s pros & cons.


We offer a workplace where every employee can keep a healthy way of life and can truly feel at home. A happy employee is also an efficient and productive one.