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Uncover data patterns and build predictions
using data, algorithms and machine learning techniques



Data & Analytics

In today’s digital world, Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics services play a key role in transforming business operations, creating new business opportunity and unleashing process improvements. Data N Stats’ Analytical services provide a foundation for insight and analysis to help you make more insightful business decisions, take bold action, and execute quickly.
Our cost-effective and comprehensive BI and Analytics services provide a foundation to create new business models and revenue streams – all while ensuring security, quality and regulatory compliance of data..

Our Solutions

► Predictive Analysis

► Business Intelligence

► KPIs and Metrics

► Data Visualization

Data Engineering

The data engineering is the foundation of new world Big Data. The making of well-designed Data Science / ML solutions requires significant data engineering and data wrangling exercises.
In a nutshell, data engineering is required to design data analytics infrastructure, databases, data pipelines and data warehouses/lakes/marts.

Our Solutions

► Data Warehouse/Data Lake

► DATA Pipelines

► Data Blending

► Data Wrangling

Data Science

Data N Stats provides end-to-end Data Science solutions with deep domain expertise, along with a cutting edge technology platform, to enable and accelerate data driven business decisions. Being a Data Science Startup, we help our customers extract valuable business insights from their data to better understand their audience, forecast demand, reduce risks, prevent cost overruns, and much more.
Data N Stats provides a cost-effective Data Science solutions that help organizations for Business case identification, Data veracity assessment, design recommendations Analysis, Business Values Mapping, Solution Roadmap, and Technology Identification.

Our Solutions

► Machine Learning

► Statistical Modeling

► Time Series Forecasting

► Neural Network

► Deep Learning

Data Marketplace

Data N Stats Data Marketplace provides third-party and open source data that helps data scientists, business intelligence and analytics professionals to provide deeper insights to your organization who desires data-driven decision-making access to live and ready-to-query data.

Data N Stats Data offers a wide range of data deliverables methods and format to meet your business requirements.